Matrimonial and family Law

We offer a specialist and expert service to people who are going through divorce and separation issues, marriage and relationship breakdowns. We deal with all aspects of family law, for people who are married, living together, or in civil partnerships. Our breadth of experience enables us to offer a wide range of skills to meet your personal circumstances. We deal with both Public and Private Law family cases.

We handle a full range of family work including the following:

 Ancillary Relief – Financial issues concerning the division of matrimonial assets
 Residence and contact arrangements for children
 Injunctions/Domestic Violence
 Separation Agreements
 Cohabitation Rights/Disputes
 Domestic Violence
 Non-Molestation Order / Occupation Orders / Exclusion Orders
 Residence Orders / Contact Orders / Parental Responsibility Order
 Public Law Cases (Trust / Social Services involvement)